Jasper Studios Artist in Residence (July through October 2018)


Can you describe your work for us in 7 words or less

Now then, then again, now and again.

Being an artist can be a challenging profession, what advice would you give to your younger self?

I would tell myself that relationships are one of the most valuable assets to your career. Get out of the studio more and invest your time building strong relationships with other artists. They will sharpen you as an artist and most opportunities that come your way will come from them. Your paintings will still be there when you get back.

What are you listening to at the moment?

Let’s see, the last five albums I listened to are Bill Callahan - Apocalypse, Nick Cave – Skeleton Tree, Marnie Stern – Marnie Stern, Run the Jewels - 3, Boards of Canada – Music has the Right to Children

What do you look at for inspiration?

I have been watching my three year old son draw. He has no habits yet, so each mark is a revelation.

What artists inspire you most?

The artists that inspire me the most are the ones that are close to me, by proximity or by friendship. You get the most out of art works that you watch develop and invest thought into, over time. Michael Ciervo, Anna Neighbor, Anthony Bowers, Mariel Capanna and Aubrey Levinthal a few Philly artists that inspire me.

Who would be a dream artist to collaborate with?

I would have liked to go for a walk with Bas Jan Ader.

What’s something that you learned early in your career that you feel made you a better artist?

Art has always been my passion, but it took me a few years to pursuit it intentionally. Once I got to art school I resolved to work harder and put in more hours than anyone else. This was hard to do because a handful of my classmates had the same resolve. I would paint and draw all day in class, then I would stay and paint still lives and draw casts all night. Today, I have a full time day job, I teach part time, and I have two young sons (Hugo and Wills) at home. The work ethic developed then has carried me through the years since and drives me into the studio even when I am exhausted. Inspiration doesn’t just come to me. I create inspiration through the work.

Why did you apply to become a resident at Jasper Studios? And what did you hope to achieve during the residency program?

My family is my first commitment. Between raising my boys with my wife and the jobs I work to support them, I don’t have the time or flexibility to pursue a traditional residency. When I saw this opportunity come up, to have a residency right here at home, I jumped at it. It’s been almost ten years since I had a studio that wasn’t a second bedroom, so having dedicated time and space to work in this beautiful building has been amazing. It can be tough to focus when your studio shares a wall with a baby’s room. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect either, as I am working towards two solo shows scheduled for this winter at Gross McCleaf gallery and Abington Art Center.